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Hi, I'm Alisa. People always told me I lived in my own world, so I decided to build and share those worlds. Thanks for joining me.




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I tell stories with

I tell stories with


I tell stories with

Selected Research Projects

Visual Attention Patterns in Video Games: A Methodology for Creating Player Personas Through Attention Patterns 

Master's thesis. This study examined the relationship between visual attention, behavior, and game design in 3D virtual environments in the First Person Shooter genre. Participants played a custom level in Far Cry 5 , created by the author, that was designed to measure visual attention and behavioral response by a variety of metrics, including goals, schemas, and spatial cognition. Participants completed the Quantric Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile and a demographic survey, which asked about familiarity with the first­person shooter genre and gaming habits. The data collected was used to form player personas, which included motivations, behavior, and attention patterns. These personas prove a strong link between player motivation and attention patterns, resulting in predictable behaviors in the environment. These personas can be used as reference tools to design spatial elements that guide players toward the intended experience, including finding items, wayfinding, and map exploration. They can also be used to solve problems with player behavior in existing games

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